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Business Support

Hourly Consulting

Simply call on Mindy periodically, with specific questions about such operational subjects as ordering materials for producing herbal tinctures or aromatherapy lines, formulation tips or potential allergy-inducing combinations, or inventory management. Or, go into more detail.


On Retainer

At a more economical rate, you can make Green Scentsations a regular, and affordable, part of your company's development. Having Mindy on retainer means your relationship is ongoing and there for you precisely when you need it, sometimes before you even recognize you'll need it. In this format, communication channels are active and highly effective, Mindy is aware of relevant developments as they happen and can provide timely insight that will inform stronger decisions within your company (often on subjects you didn't know are relevant), and you quickly have access to Mindy when you need input on the fly.


By Project

If you're not sure what the project will entail, let Mindy provide the guidance you need. She'll assess your objective, identify the process and timeline, and will give you an overall project cost.



Contact Green Scentsations

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