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"Mindy Green is an expert in the natural products industry and has resources and

knowledge on all aspects of running an essential oil company. Working with Green

Scentsations has given me insight into the industry that would’ve taken me months

or even years to research on my own. One of the best investments I made in my



"I have known Mindy since 1999 when she was with Herb Research Foundation. I still remember being impressed that HRF had a person of Mindy’s caliber on Staff: her excellent reputation and active participation in the natural products community preceded her. Several years later when I had the opportunity to explore the role of Director of Botanical Research at Aveda, the fact that Mindy had just accepted a position as Clinical Aromatherapist with the same team helped to cement my own decision to accept the role.  As her immediate supervisor, she met and often exceeded expectations. She was extremely resourceful in tapping her network of friends and associate in the natural product industry. The fact that Mindy is an excellent and lucid writer should not be understated. Her interest and facility in herbalism, aromatherapy and current natural medicine has truly been a highlight in my association with Mindy."

Cindy Angerhofer, PHD

Minneapolis, MN

Director of Botanical Research, Aveda Corporation

"Mindy Green is a highly valued botanical colleague. She is deeply familiar with the many facets of herbs in general and essential oils and aromatherapy in particular, being a frequently-consulted and energetically-active member of the American Botanical Council’s Advisory Board. Mindy is very knowledgeable, professional, and on-time with her consulting projects. Working with her is a true pleasure!”

Mark Blumenthal

Austin, TX

Founder & Executive Director, American Botanical Council; editor HerbalGram magazine


“Mindy has a worldwide reputation as an aromatherapist and herbalist. She’s popular on the lecture circuit.  It’s no wonder, given her skill as a public speaker.  She knows her material and knows how to connect with her audience, no matter whether the setting is a lecture hall or a more intimate workshop.  She knows the lore and the science about medicinal plants and aromatherapy.  Her world travels have augmented her knowledge base, which is oceanic in depth and breadth.”

Linda White, MD/Author

Denver, CO

Medical Doctor & Author


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