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Business Consulting

Wellness, spa, natural-products and healthcare industries are the focus of Mindy's consulting services. You start your business because you're excited about the subject, but when you become a business owner, you discover how many mundane tasks are a necessary part of an efficient and rewarding day-to-day operation. Green Scentsations helps you respond to the practicalities of what is expected of you, in order to run a successful small business. For example, what kind of claims are you making about your products? Do you know that testimonials are considered claims by the FDC? How are you juggling supply ordering, inventory and payroll? Mindy has run several botanical companies and independent businesses. She's worked in a botanical research library, acquiring vast amounts of knowledge. She's a respected author. She has great breadth from which to draw, for your company's success. Link to Mindy's impressive Resume and her Bio, to get a full understanding of her experience. One key to Mindy's value is her ability to identify for you what is most needed and to mold the specific services, scheduling, communications, and format of the work to accommodate your operation and working style. 


Services include:

  • formulation of functional botanical ingredients

  • writing or editing sales sheets, advertisements, and promotional materials

  • technical support and label claims (DSHEA labeling and FTC boundaries)

  • spa-treatment design

  • evaluation of existing products and improvement recommendations

  • developing substantiation files

  • fragrance design and blending

  • personal health consultation, using herbs, essential oils, nutrition and lifestyle



 Benefits of working with Green Scentsations include:

  • enduring solutions to the inevitable, periodic challenges

  • a more efficient and rewarding operation

  • more information to share with your clients

  • greater client allegiance

  • increased sales and longstanding client relationships

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